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My sanctuary...

...Where fears and lies melt away

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Welcome to dreamcatcher's sanctuary!

1/This is Rana's journal where she post her graphics.
2/ I do icons, banners, wallies.
--Resolutions for icons 100x100
--Resolution for wallie 1280x800
3/ I prefer to do j-music, anime, manga, games icons.
4/ Anime wallies\vectors can be found on AP page.
5/ I can take requests for graphics and resolutions.
6/ I can be slow, but still I'll post.
7/ Free to add.
8/ Usually I x-post all graphics.

1/ Pls, comment :) I really appreciate all your comments)) Not only good but critic is also welcome XD
2/ Don’t steal!! Or claim my graphics as yours. Or I’ll send 1000 prinnies to kick you off!!
3/ See textless icons – No it’s not basic. It’s also peace of my work XDD
4/ I feel rather good when you give me credits XDD My ego makes a party XDD
5/ The most important one – please enjoy my graphics)) I’m doing them to make someone smile or happy))
6/ What to get updates? This journal is open, so you are free to add + tweeter connected. Dunno))
7/ Want to ask, say, shout, different size? PM me I'll do my best to help you out.
8/ Be nice, not only to me but other's too. Tolerance is a great gift.

Social capital

  • less than 10